IWB Soft Loops
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Our inside the waistband (IWB) soft loops are made from a polymer coated webbing.  Our loops are available in black with a matte (not shinny) finish and come standard with mil-spec Pull the Dot directional snaps.  Each loop comes with a black oxide steel screw and screw post, everything needed to attach directly to a holster.

Our loops will fit belt sizes 1.25" 1.5" and 1.75" wide


1. The #8 machine screws that I’m using don’t fit through the holes that are punched
in the loop.

-Yes, they do fit, but you must thread them through the hole rather than
pushing them through. Use a screwdriver, or an electric drill/driver and they’ll go in easily. This snug fit is intentional.
2. Why are the holes that small?

-There are several reasons. First, the larger the hole, the more the webbing is weakened by removing material—a smaller hole equals a stronger loop. Second, the fact that the screw fits snugly in the hole makes holster assembly easier—the screw and stud won’t fall out while you’re juggling the holster body, washer, loop and screwdriver. Batches of loops can be “pre-loaded” with screws and studs, speeding up the process of final assembly.

3. The smallest adjustment hole isn’t as snug a fit on my 1.5 belt as I would like. -The existing mounting holes leave enough room for you to punch an additional hole for a custom fit on a specific 1.5 belt if you desire as tight a loop fit as possible. Belts vary in thickness from maker to maker, and rather than have a fourth hole punched at the factory with a spacing that is too small for some users, we leave individual users the option of adding a hole if they so choose. The hole can be punched with individual leather punches, or a rotary punch. Keep in mind—the tighter the loop fits, the harder it will be to close.

4. Other makers use loops with a larger radius on the corners. Why do these have
such tight corners?

-The more rounded the end of the loop is, the more individual crossstrands of webbing have to be cut by the tooling dies. Once these strands are cut, they provided significantly less strength, and are also more likely to fray. Loop ends can be heat-sealed with a lighter or a heat gun. We chose this particular loop-end profile toreduce snagging without weakening the loop or causing unnecessary fraying.

5. What if I want to use these as a wraparound loop on a knife sheath, and need to pass the shaft of the screw post through the mounting hole?

-You can punch a larger
hole for the screw post shaft with hand punches or a rotary punch. These loops were
optimized for face-mounting on holsters.

7. How do I get a tight PTD snap to open?

-Insert a flat head screwdriver in between the make and female portions of the closed snap, and then gently rotate. Do not pry.

Soft loops sold individually, polymer strut sold separately


IWB Soft Loops

Price: $5.00
5 or more: $3.75 each
20 or more: $3.50 each
50 or more: $3.25 each
100 or more: $3.00 each
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